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    An Appreciable Company For Healthcare Professionals All Over The World With Complete Help And Services

    The medical sector is one of the important fields in today’s world. Demand for medical graduates is still there worldwide. An individual having 2 years of experience for a bachelor’s degree and 3 years of experience for a master’s degree in the medical industry can avail him/her to try for abroad opportunities which give them a lot more learning and exposure. For working in Oman, Saudi and Qatar the medical professional is required to have a particular license for which the Prometric exam has to be written by him/her. We do all the processes quickly and put our full effort in making our customer satisfy. We continuously try hard for helping them with the best services.

    Initially, we do a preliminary verification within our company. We have experienced employees to shortlist the candidates and choose the right ones. This process takes around three to four days of time to complete. We do not make any delay in the process. We then take the candidate to the major licensing process. Data flow is the verification of the candidate’s qualification documents and registered council by the particular prometric authority. This process takes around 45-60 working days of time for them to complete. In the meanwhile, we update the status of the documents to our candidates. Our every process is made clear and transparent to our clients. Resolve Itechcorp is one of the best companies to provide licensing support for UAE and western countries. We provide all kinds of help from our side and make the student achieve their dream. This will be useful for medical professionals all over the world to gain more knowledge.

    Training And Examination Are Done By Considering The Convenience Of Our Candidates And Making Them Effortless Tasks For Them

    We do provide training for our candidates for the upcoming examination. Training will be conducted in online mode as well as an offline mode for about one to two hours a day. This makes the working professionals attend the training easily. The student has the option to choose the training. We provide 10 days crash course as well as a two-month course for our candidates. Best tutors with more experience are waiting to teach the students in a neat manner. They have scheduled their way of teaching which makes the students easy to learn. The tutors would often keep mock tests for the students to check their ability. We also provide individual classes for the students who need special care. We also provide materials online for our students. Hard copies are also sent through courier to our candidates. We give each and every individual a separate login id and password to login into the mock questions website which will be useful for them to test themselves.

    Examinations will be conducted in online mode. Centers will be located in metro cities within India which saves them a lot of time in traveling. Exam questions will be related to the medical field. No particular syllabus will be given for the exam; one who has more exposure can easily crack it. 100 to 150 multiple choice questions will be given to them in which getting 60% of the marks are considered as pass percentage. We give them total help for the examination. If the candidate wants to write the exam in the particular emirate we also help them with those services. We have our branch in the Davao region and Central Mindanao, Bangsamoro in the Philippines, and our training centers are in the major cities of Davao City, Cotabato City, Maguindanao. We are easily reachable through social media websites and we update our website often. We make most of the healthcare professionals more knowledgeable and give them the best future. Our past students are working in Saudi Oman and Qatar with a great salaries. They would call us one of the extraordinary companies they have ever seen. Making use of our services will surely drive you to success