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    Licensure For Clinical Professionals

    Resolve Itech corp is a progressive and guaranteed organization and provides an extraordinary platform for the people who are glad to work in companies overseas. Many people are working widely all around the world to seek their knowledge and reveal their talents. To work as a Healthcare professional you are instructed to require a license.

    We are serving as a connector between overseas and India. If clinical professions are willing to work in the countries of Dubai(DHA), Abu Dhabi(HAAD), MOH & PROMETRIC in Saudi, Qatar & Oman, they must possess the above-mentioned license to keep a medical practice in UAE. Our expertise teams will lead you to the process of your journey and help you in the procedure of preliminary verification and allow you for further activities.

    When the authentication is over you are stepping into the process of data flow by our accomplished teams. It is merely a certificate verification to know whether you are appropriate to apply for the license abroad, they check your important documents thoroughly before submitting them to the higher authorities.

    These licenses are provided by the authorities to know whether the applicant is capable of their profession in other countries.

    Our resourceful members are mentoring every candidate through online/offline training based on their convenience and bringing them as resourceful people to export their talents. This examination is quite complicated but we are guiding them to achieve their target efficiently, only one thing is that cooperate with our specialized teams to reach your goals.

    An examination is one of the major processes in obtaining a license and it is necessary to pass your assessments. There are three chances of taking the exams and we find you to reach your targets at your ease. For training, our faculty members will provide the essential materials, reference books, and mock questions which will allow you to practice easily.

    We help you with registration, exam booking, and job placements, etc. In the busy world, we all are running out of time but our executives allow the candidates to fix the schedule up to their convenience. The references given by our institution are from highly experienced and talented executives for you to overcome the difficulties faced in case of exams. This assessment brings your knowledge and skills in a better way.
    Registering a license is a bit tough process but we are here, for the professions who are interested to work abroad we provide not only a license but a job placement with a good salary which you deserve. Job applicants can prepare for their exams before two months then we assist you to finish your portions in a short period.

    These skill tests play a vital role in their profession and must know everything about the syllabus with mock questions provided by our faculties will be highly helpful for you to practice during your training period. The tests will be in the form of multiple-choice questions so that the aspirant can easily score marks.

    Our skillful trainers guide every candidate personally and allow them to know their skills and way of attending their exams without any barriers. The UAE offers many job placements for professionals who are interested to work in their countries and they need your genuine services for the people in their province.

    We update every information to the applicants about the licensing exam, it is a kind of aptitude test and it is conducted online to select the talented professionals and our faculties provide the best references of the candidate’s syllabus and textbooks at a reasonable price and they can buy their books at online based on their necessity.

    If the applicants are ready to take their exams we are there to help them throughout the process and they can register their exams directly from our institution once the date of the exams is announced you can write your exams and finally wait for the results to come. It takes 8 -12 weeks for the declaration of the results.

    It is very important to pass your examination with a percentage of 60% and if you passed your assessments on the first attempt you’ll be highly gradable in your profession and your license will be approved by the authorities of the Health Regulation Department within 4 – 6 months from the date of your first application.

    After the approval of your license, you can work anywhere in the countries of UAE. Your license will be valid for one year from the date of your results. You can renew it if you are planning to work for more years. Resolve Itech Corp gives you benefits all the way you deserve and support you in every stage of your work and we bring out the positive values as your output. Your cooperation and support will lead our institution in a better way. We are willing to take risks of our own to make you fly and reach your goals high.