HAAD Training Center in Coimbatore

Resolveitech Corp offers an exceptional environment where the scholars become empowered through education and frequent other curricular and co-curricular opportunities. Resolveitech Corp is one of the best places to study for the HAAD exam. It has safe surroundings, enormous book materials, and a great infrastructure where each scholar finds a stepping stone for their career in UAE. The faculty members of the healthcare domain come with loaded academic and industry experience to bond the future of young healthcare graduates. Our institution believes in describing the brighter wings of pedagogy to potential students.

  • We the faculty of Resolveitech Corp, present here our shared values and observation so that we can provide syllabus-oriented training, online mocks, and hardcopy of study materials for the medical graduates who join our training center.
  • We believe that the improvement of the profession of medical graduates depends upon the making of acquaintance through its propagation in the curriculum that prepares students for the HAAD exam and management in medical society.
  • We believe that each medical graduate has a caring health professional, whose practice is built on familiarity, theory, and research. The doctors, dentist, physiotherapists, pharmacists, nurses, and lab technician profession provides requisite health services to persons, families, groups, and neighbourhood.
  • We are acquainted with the value of the contributions of our clinical colleagues in hospitals and other professions and concerted partners in the community who support our missions of education, research, and academic practice.
  • Each faculty in Resolveitech Corp believes health policy is a fundamental part of effecting change in a self-governing environment. To that end, the faculty is dedicated to contributing to the formulation of health policies of the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi – HAAD to optimize healthcare delivery services.
  • To create advanced levels of academic and innovative abilities, to prosper and strengthen the healthcare students in implementing safe and efficient patient care.
  • Conduct need-based research studies and develop research findings to perk up the quality of care and to prepare professional graduates who will provide proficient comprehensive health care competently in all healthcare settings.
  • To enhance the professional development of graduates through in-progress education and self-evaluation.
  • To develop the leadership quality and administrative abilities to be practiced in various demanding situations.

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