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    Training And Coaching By An Extraordinary Company For The Medical Professionals All Over The World Helps In Carrier Development

    Medical professionals are one of the foremost people in today’s life. We come across them daily as well as they are needed all over the world. There are a lot of job openings for them in abroad countries. To work in a particular emirate, the country would ask the person to have a specific license. This will show the authority that the professional is capable of working in the particular emirate. For this, the candidate must have a minimum of two years of experience in the medical field. These licensing procedures require quite a few tasks to perform. Resolve Itechcorp is one of the best companies in providing DHA licenses which is applicable to work in Dubai. These procedures are done by us in the cheap and best manner. DHA stands for Dubai Health Authority which means the authority’s permission is given to the professional to work all over Dubai. The licensing procedure of DHA begins with a preliminary verification within our company. During this, we look deeply into the resumes and verify them to the main process. Our executives are well versed in short-listing candidates. This process takes around three to four working days to complete the verification. After the preliminary verification, we do get into the main process. Data flow is the verification of the candidate’s qualification documents and registered council by the Dubai authority. They would check the whole documents thoroughly which takes about 45-60 working days to complete. In the meanwhile, we do have contact with our clients and update them on the status of their documents. We work everything by following the rules and conditions of our country as well as Dubai. After the data flow is completed, the candidate will be receiving an eligibility number and data flow report.

    As in the end, an examination will be conducted so we provide offline and online training for the aspirants. We have a one-week crash course as well as a two-month course for the candidates which is an optional one for them to choose from. Best tutors are waiting to teach the aspirants in the best manner. They have a separate schedule which makes it the students easy to learn. We also provide materials online. Hard copies of the materials are also sent to the people through courier. Mock tests are kept open to check the ability of the candidates. We give each individual a different login id and password for the mock question website which is useful to check themselves when they have prepared.

    Examination Is Conducted In A Convenient Manner For The Aspirants And Branches In Most Parts Of The World

    The examination will be conducted after the training is completed. It will be conducted in online mode. 150 questions will be asked which will be including general topics from their previous studied topic and work experience. The center will be in metro cities which makes them less effort to travel to write the exam. If the candidate wants to write the exam in Dubai, we also help them with that. All help for the exam will be done by Resolve Itechcorp for all the candidates.

    We have our branch in Northern Luzon and Cordillera, in Phillipines, and our training centers are in the major cities of Caba, Naguillian, San Fernando LA union, Banguio, Itogon, and
    Trinad. Our only aim is to make most of the medical professionals make use of our services. Most of our aspirants are working in Dubai with a high-paid salary and substantial exposure. They still feel gratitude for our services to them. Making use of our help will make the person reach heights in their carrier life.