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DHA, HAAD, MOH, Prometric Exam Coaching Centre

Resolveitech corp is a one of India’s fastest growing providers of accredited healthcare Professionals education, both at national and international levels.

Resolveitech Corp earned a supreme reputation as an overseas healthcare service provider. We were much-admired as one of the leading overseas healthcare advisor for Healthcare professional offering a loyal and dedicated service to the aspiring candidates.

Resolveitech Corp Providing DHA HAAD MOH PROMETRIC NCLEX FPGEE KAPS PEBC USMLE Coaching for Healthcare Professionals Our unique training methodology helps the aspirants to achieve their goal at ease. Before Initiating the practice in any healthcare facility in overseas i.e., Dubai, Abudhabi, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, Australia, UK, every Healthcare Professionals need to acquire a license. There are different licenses such as DHA (Dubai Health Authority), MOH (Ministry of Health) UAE, HAAD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi), OMSB – Oman Prometric, QCHP – Qatar Prometric, SCFHS – Saudi Prometric and NHRA – Bahrain Prometric.

Dataflow Consulting service will give chances of getting license will be moderately increased to the healthcare professionals, when the paperwork is presented correctly through approved channel and under the right category.

But when Healthcare professionals who are not practiced with the online submissions usually submit wrong papers or incorrect papers. This will moderate or even entirely decreases their chance of acquiring a license to keep a clinical practice in UAE. Proper paperwork submission decrease the time spent on the wrong submissions and rejections.

Exam Registration – Our hassle-free services for Exam registration for DHA HAAD MOH Prometric Exams in Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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Dataflow Consulting service will give chances of getting license will be moderately…

Exam Registration

Our hassle free services for Exam registration for DHA HAAD MOH Prometric Exams…


Dubai Health Authority (DHA) conducts licensing exam for Healthcare Professionals…


All those medical professionals who want to work in Saudi Arabia…


The Saudi Council of Examination requires all foreign nurses to pass an online test …


We lend a hand you to complete procedure for Pharmacists exam registration…

Medical lab technicians

We assist you to complete procedure for Medical lab technicians exam registration …

moh exam

All the Healthcare professionals who like to work in Saudi Arabia must appear…


Immigration Consultant

Resolve ITECH CORP knows the journey of immigration can be stressful, especially for those who have not tried applying for an immigration visa before. At Resolve ITECH CORP, make the process easier for clients. It all starts with an initial immigration consultation, wherein we get to know each other and set our goals and expectations. When you choose to make us part of your journey, you are sure to get the guidance and support you need throughout the process. We use a personalized approach to meet your specific requirements.

Our unique methodology service results in best immigration consultant around the globe for Canada immigration, Australia immigration, New Zealand immigration, Ireland immigration.

Our immigration advisor assists clients in obtaining different types of visas in different countries are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, USA and we do it in a professional and reliable manner. Tell us about your plans and our immigration consulting service will tailor a strategy to help achieve your goals.

Our immigration consultant advisors provide individual care for immigration Canada immigration consultation, Australia immigration consultation, New Zealand immigration consultation, and Ireland immigration consultation.

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We Will Provide DHA, HAAD, MOH and PROMETRIC Book Materials for all Medical Professionals

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