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    A Mind-blowing Company That Provides Services To Medical Professionals All Over The World With Great Effort

    The medical industry is booming for people’s needs. The people in the medical field are having substantial opportunities all over the world. We are in need utmost of healthcare professionals to stay healthy forever. Professionals who have a minimum of 2 years of experience in this field can get into abroad countries which give them more experience. Resolve Itechcorp is one of the best companies to provide those services to people in need of abroad opportunities. For working in Abu Dhabi, the authority would ask the individual to require a license called HAAD(Health Authority of Abu Dhabi) which will contain quite a few tasks to perform. The licensing procedures are done by us quickly and satisfy our customers as much as we can.

    Initially, we do a preliminary verification within our company which takes about three to four days. This will be done within Resolve Itechcorp and our executives. We are having employees who are well experienced in short-listing the candidates. After completing this verification process, we would take our candidate to the main licensing process. The first step is named data flow. It is the verification of the candidate’s qualification documents, registered council by the particular foreign authority. This will take about 45-60 working days to complete by them. In the meanwhile, we inform the candidate of the status of their documents. After it is completed, the client will be receiving the eligibility number and dataflow report.

    Training And Examination Are Conducted For An Enormous Amount Of People All Over The World With Special Care

    For the upcoming examination, we do provide training for the aspirants. It will be an optional one for them to choose but choosing training will give them a lot of knowledge and experience. The training would be conducted one to two hours a day for the convenience of the working professionals. We have the best tutors to teach from our side. They are well experienced and can handle a group of students at the same time. Tutors have separate schedules within themselves to make the students easy to learn for the exam. We provide 10 days crash course as well as a two-month course for our candidates. We come closer to them and do all kinds of help they need. We also provide online materials as well as hard copies through courier for the aspirants. We give each individual a different login id and password for the mock question website which will help them in assessing themselves in preparation for the exam. Tutors conduct mock tests often to check the ability of the students.

    The examination will be in an online mode. The questions will be related to the medical field. A professional who has much experience can easily crack it. The candidate must get at least 60% marks which makes them pass the exam. In metro cities the candidates can write their examinations this makes them effortless. If the candidate wants to write the exam in Abu Dhabi, we also provide those kinds of services to them. We have our branch in Central Luzon and Metro Manilla, in Phillipines, and our training centers are in the major cities of Neuva,Ecija, Guiginto, Dinalupihan, Bamban, Tarlac, Pampanga, Marlow Navigation, Malate, Intramuros, Manila, Arlegui St, Quiapo, Quirino Ave. They are a lot of students who made us of our services and are working in Abu Dhabi. They still call us a prominent company to provide all kinds of help. We stay connected with our clients and provide a cheap and best service. We are easily reachable through social media platforms and we would often update our websites with new services. making use of our services will give you a great future ahead.