I have done my dataflow for Dubai in Mumbai Branch of Resolve Itech corp, they were very friendly and gave a prospective response.its a very apt place for doing the licensing procedure. Your money will be safe.
Vikram H Kalasariya (BPT)
Dubai (DHA)Dubai Health Authority(DHA)
Done with Dataflow after facing many struggles, thanks for Resolve Itech Corp for giving very big support to complete my dataflow. Their preliminary verification step helped a lot to complete the dataflow.
Ajitha (Bsc Clinical Laboratory Technology)
Ministry of Health (MOH)
Thanks for Resolve Itech Corp for helping me in completing Dataflow process for DHA.
Muthulakshmi (Bsc MLT)
Abu Dhabi (HAAD)Dubai Health Authority(DHA)
A very clear guidance from the Team of Resolve. Visited the branch directly, they gave more details for DHA. Thank you Resolve.
Shahid Sabra (BPT)
Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Timely Response…worth spending money with Resolve Itech Corp for dataflow.
Bhuvaneswari (MBBS)
Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
I sent all my scan copies to Resolve Itech Corp, they guided me for the licensing Procedure for MOH…Than you soo much…
Sajid Mohammed (DMLT)
Ministry of Health (MOH)
I have done dataflow with Coimbatore Resolve Team, they helped me in all the ways to complete dataflow... I have also booked the examination with Resolve and done with the exam successfully.
Jasmine (BPT)
Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
I am From Vellore, I have done the dataflow for DHA with Resolve Itech Corp. They assisted me very well in collecting my documents and they supported me in doing the dataflow procedure.
Jones (BPT)
Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
I am Sanjay Messey from Delhi, I have enrolled with Resolve Itech Corp for dataflow, now its is completed successfully…am feeling very happy…
Sanjay Messey (Diploma in Laboratory Technician)
Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Done my Dataflow with Team Resolve, it was very satisfactory. Thanks everyone who has co-ordinated with me.
Manikandan (Dpharm)
Dubai (DHA)
I have approached Resolve Iteh Corp for processing my documents for DHA, they given me a very good service. Thank You Team.
Aashish (MS Ortho)
Dubai (DHA)
Than You Resolve Itech Corp for processing my documents for MOH and get it done.
Aamera Siddque (BHMS)
Ministry of Health (MOH)
Thanks for your support for completing my process successfully, as I was in much fear while getting into this but later on I was happy with my decision
Deepasankari Thulukkapalayam Lingappasamy (MBBS MD Radiology)
Dubai (DHA)
I have initiated DHA with Resolve Itech Corp, Coimbatore. For me the process went fast and got the barcode and report very earlier. Thanks for the Cooperation.
Shilpa Kannan Nair (BPT)
Dubai (DHA)
Good Morning, I have completed my training and DHA licensing process they have done a great job to me and their materials helped me a lot.
Nandakumar Egamparam (Bpharm)
Dubai (DHA)
Me and my friend have done the process over here, and we also completed the training along with that they provided us the books and mock login through which we have many attempts and cleared the examination in a single attempt
Hariprakash Elumalai (Bpharm)
Dubai (DHA)
I have visited the branch over in Trichy the concerned executive handles me very kind and helped me in all way, I have done my procedure of MOH which is bit time confusing but quite safe to travel with them
Mariyam Shaheena Mansoor Babu (BPT)
Ministry of Health (MOH)
Resolve Itech Corp helped me to clear my Process very soon as after initiating they have given me the barcode as earlier as possible because the time taken to process is very less. Good that I have reached this place.
Dr. Sheema Taneem (BUMS)
Im from Coimbatore, its easy for me to reach their office and clarify my doubts, they are providing much valuable info regarding the process so that I can trust them blindly.
Soniya Munisamy (Bpharm)
Dubai (DHA)
I have done my training in Resolve , its good and informative. I have also completed the DHA process with them
Rajarajan Nagarajan (Dpharm)
Dubai (DHA)
I have enrolled with Resolve Itceh Corp for their Nursing Training session, it was very comfortable and the trainer helped me to get into the subject very well, the mock questions which they have provided was awesome.
Carmelinda pala (B.Sc nursing)
Im completely from a different area, I believed Resolve Itech Corp for doing my DHA Process. They were giving me a lot of information without asking that created a good impression in me. They have a clarity of speech.
Kirti Saharan (BDS, MDS)
Dubai (DHA)
Me and My friend who is also a physiotherapist have done the process with Resolve Coimbatore, they hav supported with all our doubts with patience, which helped us to understand the journey of licensing.
Femina (BPT)
Im a MPT Holder with a lot of passion towards the Behrain job, so with that dream I have approached Resolve Itech Corp, Coimbatore. I have been from Saudi in my previous employment, but this time I felt I got all the information about what im going to next which make me to feel that i was in safe hands
Vandhana (BPT, MPT)
Getting a job in abroad will be very helpful to satisfy my Financial needs, I don’t know where to knock in that time I have seen in online regarding the Prometric exam process. They have explained me the flow very well as that made me to understand the entire things regarding Qatar Prometric.
Divya Ganesan (BPT)
Recently I got to know about Resolve Itech Corp for their Abroad support, so I have started the process with them and completed the same without any issues, I sincerely thank them for being supportive
Vineetha Rajan (BPT)
Dubai (DHA)
I intially had a difficulty to choose the right guide for me, atlast I found one.
Dr. Arjun Murugesan (MBBS)
Dubai (DHA)
Im a dentist by Profession, I don’t know how I can proceed to apply for DHA, DHA has helped me a lot to do my process
Dr. Naziazareen Ismail (BDS)
Dubai (DHA)
Im a Specialist, I have approached Resolve Itech Corp for doing the same they have helped me a lot from the beginning to the end
Dr. Mohamed Jafarullah Habibur Rahman (MS ( General surgery))
Dubai (DHA)
Im Dr. Balaji, Im a Physiotherapist. Resolve Itech Corp was supportive to me throughout the process. They are providing the materials and coaching for physiotherapist, which is user friendly as they have separate questionarrie.
Balaji Veeraraghavan (BPT)
Dubai (DHA)
Im a General Practioner, I have already heard about Resolve Itech Corp through one of my colleague who have already gone through them in Dubai, she referred me here. I have started my process and completed it after many hurdles.They were very supportive
Dr. Aishwarya Ravi Shekar (MBBS)
Dubai (DHA)
To everyone who are trying to fly abroad I strongly recommend them to do their Process with Resolve as they are guiding their clients very kind way and are giving prompt information regarding their charges and steps.
Dr. Sankara Subramanian Muthusamy (MS ( ENT ))
Dubai (DHA)
I came to Resolve Itech Corp with a fear of completing my process but they have resolve everything. Thank you immesnsely.
Samsathunissa Mohamed Mubarak (D.Ophthalmic Technician)
Dubai (DHA)
They have good staff members who can guide very professionally.
Radhesh Shashikant Thakurdesai (D.pharm)
Dubai (DHA)
This is Rathi Meena, I am interested for DHA process, Resolve helped me in their materials anf guided me well for the process
Rathi Meena Saravanan (B.sc nursing)
Dubai (DHA)
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