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We aim for the advancement of specialized preparation for nursing graduates to transform people’s profession and the industry. Guided by our function and secure, we carry out proficient training to every nursing scholar/professional as per comprehensive standards. Founded in 2013, we provide individuals and corporate to expand their skills and to become successful in at present competitive economy. We are determined by the obsession and the familiarity drawn from our concern team, pioneering the instruction and preparation industry for more than 12 years in India.

Resolveitech Corp located in India, a premier organization, offers a extremely required NCLEX RN (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) training Course. In Our RN coaching centre wide-ranging program, deliberately premeditated to help nursing graduates surpass in their pursuit of becoming licensed registered nurses in Canada combines professional instruction and progressive resources. With our top-ranked and desirable course, you can self-assuredly prepare for and overtake the NCLEX exam questions.

Course Description

Our NCLEX training course cover up a wide range of topic essential to nursing practice and healthcare deliverance, authorize students with the understanding and skills required to succeed. With our expert trainer and adapted study materials, we make certain that every scholar obtain the highest quality tutoring personalized to their needs. Our course comprise 30+ hours of training. The prospectus is designed by qualified trainers. You will be commenced to the latest NCLEX exam pattern. You have the alternative to choose between online & classroom training. We conduct regular computer based mock tests to help you get ready for the NCLEX examination.

  • All-inclusive Training :
    We offer wide-ranging training that instruct learners with advanced knowledge and proficiency required to get the best scores in NCLEX RN exam.
  • Prospectus Designed by Experts :

    Our NCLEX review core curriculum is carefully premeditated and developed by our expert trainers according to NCLEX study plan.

  • Interactive Learning Opportunity :

    Our preparation methodology is extremely interactive provided that an attractive and motivating learning experience.

  • Hands-On Preparation Sessions :

    We proffer practical and proactive training sessions that allow scholar to develop their necessary skills to crack the NCLEX Exam.

  • Mock Tests for NCLEX RN Assessment :

    We also carry out mock tests that will make acquainted nursing graduates with the most up-to-date exam format & measure their promptness for the NCLEX Practice exam.

  • Flexibility Option :

    We offer customization options such as online regular/weekend training sessions to our scholars that will provide flexibility for working professionals.

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