UK Health Care Licensing Procedure and Recruitment Assistance

The licence to practice is issued by the  General Medical Council (GMC)and applies to all doctors in the UK regardless of whether they are working in the NHS or independent sector, either on a full or part-time, permanent or locum basis. It also applies to all levels of registration, whether provisional, full or on the specialist or general practitioner.

The Requirements for Registration in the UK will depend on a Number of Factors

  • your nationality
  • the country in which you gained your primary medical qualification
  • the type of work you want to do
  • whether or not you have completed a period of post-graduate training or an internship
  • International medical graduates (IMGs) will be required to demonstrate their medical knowledge and skills.
  • and all applicants may have to demonstrate they are competent in using the English language before they are registered
  • Registration
  • First Level you should register for GMC council


  • The GMC uses the PLAB test to ensure that international doctors have the basic medical competence and communication skills to practise in the UK. Doctors wishing to take the PLAB test must have already successfully completed the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
  • The first part of the PLAB test can be taken at a number of test centres overseas, but the second part must be taken in the UK

Job Opportunities

After Completion of Examination, We will arrange the interviews for UK countries and give placements assistance to you.

  • Haad coaching centre in Bengaluru
  • Haad coaching centre in Kerala

  • Haad coaching centre in Puducherry

  • Haad coaching centre in New Delhi

  • Haad coaching centre in Hyderabad

  • DHA Coaching Centre in Chennai

  • DHA Coaching Centre in Bengaluru

  • DHA Coaching Centre in Ahemadabad

  • DHA Coaching Centre in Mumbai

  • DHA Coaching Centre in Puduchery

  • MOH Coaching Centre in Kolkata

  • MOH Coaching Centre in Coimbatore

  • MOH Coaching Centre in Chennai

  • MOH Coaching Centre in Bengaluru

  • MOH Coaching Centre in Mumbai

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