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Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Program (OSPAP)

" The OSPAP starts in September / October each year

" If you are eligible to attend the OSPAP, the Committee will usually allow you two academic years from the date oftheir decision to start the course The further steps to registration after successfully completing all the assessments in the OSPAP are as follows:

" Complete 12 months Pre-Registration Training after you have passed the OSP Assessments. This pre-registration training period is to be completed under the same terms and conditions as required of UK M.Pharm graduates. " write and pass the Society's registration examination

" If your degree is not comparable to a UK Bachelor degree or if you have provided your own transcript and / or letter confirming your registration and good standing you may be required to attend for a formal interview with the Committee.

" You will be required to attend for interview within 18 months of the date of the notification letter.

" All interviews will be held at the Society's Head Office at Lambeth High Street, London.

Additional Information

Please note that holders of pharmacy qualifications can only apply to join the OSPAP if they are registered or eligible to register as pharmacists in their country of qualification.


The UK Borders Agency (UKBA) have now confirmed that the occupation ofcommunity pharmacist will not be on the Shortage Occupation List that UKBA uses in determining whether or not to grant work permits to non-EU overseas pharmacists. There will not be another review ofthis decision until autumn 2010. Please note that this decision may affect your eligibility to work as a community pharmacist in Great Britain.

Therefore, before you make an application to start the qualifying process i.e. the one-year OSPAP and the one-year pre-registration training (and the Society's registration examination) you are advised to carefully consider the current information provided by the UKBA to clarify whether or not you will be able to obtain the necessary visas and work permits. Information is provided by the UKBA.

If you have any questions relating to the Shortage Occupation List please contact UKBA directly. The Society is unable to deal with questions about visa and work permit issues.

In accepting any application to start the qualifying process the Society does not provide any assurances or guarantees that you will be able to begin pre—registration training or work as a community pharmacist following registration with the Society.

For information about preregistration trainingreach us

For information about the Society's registration examination training reach us

Applications will usually be considered in the last week of every month and applications to be considered would need to be complete in the second week of that month to allow for the final check and preparation.