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RESOLVE ITECH CORP Will Provide Coaching for OET for Healthcare professionals

Do you need to take an English test to work or study in healthcare in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore or Namibia?

Then OET is the test for you!

OET exam coaching from the RESOLVE ITECH CORP helps all the healthcare professionals get the skills to confidently communicate and understand health topics, develop the listening skills and can get a great experience in the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, ready for the test.

We are best OET coaching Centre in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi & Hyderabad offers several mock tests to face the OET exam confidently. Free study materials to learn and give all the OET aspirants a friendly and inspiring work environment where they can learn, grow and excel in OET Exam. And, that’s not all – healthcare professionals choose OET because:

OET uses real healthcare scenarios so you’ll feel more confident on test day.

OET is widely recognized as proof of English proficiency for registration, study and work in the healthcare sector, as well as for visas in some countries.

OET helps you develop language skills for success in your career

OET Test Format

Writing (45 minutes)

Speaking (approximately 20 minutes)

Listening (approximately 50 minutes)

Reading (60 minutes)

OET Preparation Course content

OET Writing, OET Speaking, OET Reading, OET Listening.

Letter writing including but not limited to: formal and informal letters, patient referral letters, hospital admissions letters, reminder letter to patients, patient discharge letters etc.

Speaking using tone| diction| fluency| accuracy & volume, which covers typical patient scenarios in Australia

Pronunciation and appropriate language for when dealing with people in all contexts e.g. hospital settings and private clinics

Functional language, taking patient histories, giving explanations, giving advice, aggression conversation and giving re-assurances

Dealing with children, teenagers, adults and older Australians

Australian health care sector – understanding the role of different government departments and understanding public and private health enterprise

Speed reading and comprehension for all components of the OET test

Reading for specific purposes – understanding the text and being able to answers specific questions relating to the text.

Health professional’s grammar in writing and speaking for the OET test.


Scoring and grades:

Each of the four sub-tests that make up OET are graded A to E, where A is the highest grade and E is the lowest.


OET grade  Description of ability

A           Very high level of performance

B          High level of performance, i.e. able to use English with fluency and accuracy adequate   for professional needs

C         Good level of performance; however, not acceptable to a range of health and medical councils

D          Moderate level of performance; requires improvement

E          Low level of performance; requires considerable improvement

Course Details

Regular Course     1 Month 

Crash   Course      15 Days